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When it comes to legitimate quality, there are only a select few brands that have ‘hit the nail on the head’, so to speak. Our most popular graphic, financial and scientific calculator brands for sale include HP, Sharp, Canon, Texas Instruments and Casio, all of which have built up a name for themselves within the product market.

HP We offer a wide range of HP calculators for financial, scientific, graphing and other purposes.
Sharp Find everything from basic wallet-sized to heavy duty desktop calculators
Canon Canon is renowned for its high quality electronic products and we offer an excellent selection of Canon calculators including 12 digit desktops with tax function.
Texas Instruments TI calculators gained fame by offering some of the earliest pocket options. The BA II Plus Professional is an excellent product with features like Net Future Value (NFV), and Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR).
Casio Casio offers excellent products like the Casio FX82AUPlusII, one of the leading school scientific calculators in Australia. The latest version has Natural Textbook Display.

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